Married Louisville TV personalities divorce, still work together

Carrie Weil, who was until very recently going by Carrie Harned, has apparently divorced from Kevin Harned. She’s the morning anchor on Wave 3, the local NBC affiliate. And he’s one of the meteoroligists on that same Wave 3 station. They’ve been together, both personally and professionally, for something like four years or so.

Kevin doesn’t usually do the morning weather but when the regular guy is on vacation Kevin sometimes fills in. So they were probably on-air at some point together even as their divorce was moving ahead. That must have been weird.

I saw them eating lunch together at Qdoba’s a few months ago. The one thing I remember thinking was that they certainly didn’t seem happy to be there. At the time I figured they were just tired–their dress indicated they had just finished working out or doing a bike ride, something like that. Turns out it was something far more than that.


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